Women in Math and Public Policy workshop – Institute for Pure & Applied Mathematics

The Women in Math and Public Policy workshop is designed to bring together women in mathematics, science, engineering, and policy to work on pressing research topics in the fields of cybersecurity and climate change. These two topics were chosen because of their wide-reaching policy impacts and reliance on various mathematical techniques. The goal is to have a diverse and multidisciplinary cohort of women at different stages in their careers, from graduate students to senior researchers.  In addition to working in small groups on a specific research project, there will also be opportunities for networking and to attend talks by keynote speakers.

We are looking for early career women working in climate science for this workshop.  Both Cecilia Bitz and LuAnne Thompson will be leading groups.

Please apply!  January 22-25, 2019.  Applications due November 18, 2018.   www.ipam.ucla.edu/wpol2019 

While participation in the group projects is by invitation only, the keynote lectures by Lucy Jones (Caltech) and Kristin Lauter (Microsoft Research) will be open to the public. Please consult the program webpage for detailed information. 


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