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The Northwest Fisheries Science Center (NWFSC) will be hiring for several positions in the near future (early February through April 2024). These hires are aligned with the Climate, Ecosystems, and Fisheries Initiative (CEFI), which has some additional/unique caveats for recruitment (more info on NOAA IRA jobs, here). New staff will work closely with the NWFSC Ecosystem Science Program (ESP) and positions will be based in Seattle, WA, or Newport, OR.

We will be hiring up to 3 permanent positions:

2024 salary range: $72,553 – $177,885

  • ZP-0482-3/4 Fish Biologist focusing on spatial/ecosystem modeling (e.g., VAST, sdmTMB, Atlantis, etc);
  • ZP-1301-3/4 Physical Scientist focusing on regional ocean and lower trophic level modeling;
  • ZP-0482-3/4 Fish Biologist focusing on climate-enhanced single- and multi-species stock assessment.

We will be hiring up to 3 term positions:

2024 salary range: $72,553 – $126,585

  • ZP-1560-3 Data Scientist focused on data and operational tools to support CEFI;
  • ZP-0101-3 Social Scientist focused on social and economic modeling to support CEFI.
  • ZP-0401-3 Fishery Resource Management Specialist focusing on climate-enhanced single- and multi-species stock assessment.

Permanent positions are funded in perpetuity, while term positions are renewable every 13 months for up to 10 years.

Please consider applying if you are interested in the positions listed above, OR if you are generally interested in ecosystem modeling, ecosystem reporting, fisheries ecology, fisheries economics, integrated ecosystem assessments, ecosystem-based fisheries management, social-ecological systems, interdisciplinary marine science, data science, human geography, environmental anthropology, etc. as other positions may be filled using these job announcements.

I will send around opportunities when they become available and please don’t hesitate to reach out (jameal.samhouri@noaa.gov) if you have any additional questions. Best of luck and feel free to distribute this information to others who might be interested!

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