Steering Committee – Call for nominations

MPOWIR is seeking nominations for physical oceanographers from all career stages, career paths, and gender identities to serve on the program’s steering committee. This is an exciting opportunity for any physical oceanographer who wants to provide advice on MPOWIR’s current programs and contribute to its future growth.  The Steering Committee is composed of 7-8 members, each serving a 3-year term. All nominees must have a background in physical oceanography. 

The steering committee works closely with the MPOWIR leadership team including  Dr. Colleen Mouw, Dr. Mona Behl, and Ms. Sarah Clem. Specific responsibilities of the steering committee include providing feedback on MPOWIR-related proposals or manuscripts, suggesting individuals to engage with MPOWIR, helping recruit mentors/mentees to the program, and fostering community support and sponsorship for the program.

The nomination packet should include a 2-page CV and a statement of support or interest (400 words or less) that describes the nominee’s specific interest and qualifications to serve MPOWIR in this capacity. Nominations (for others or self-nominations) and supporting materials should be submitted via the link below, or emailed to Sarah Clem ( by March 31, 2022 .

Applications will be reviewed by the MPOWIR leadership team and current steering committee. A final list of nominees will be shared with the larger MPOWIR community for feedback and comments.

Make a nomination: 

Learn more about current steering committee:

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