Scientific Project Manager – Universität Hamburg

Specific Duties

At the Institute of Oceanography, we seek a team-oriented dynamic project manager to coordinate and manage the day-to-day operations of a Horizon Europe project (50%) and to establish a pilot for a mentoring program (50%). Applications for either option are strongly encouraged. We especially welcome applications that express a desire to organize effectively, work collaboratively, and foster an environment for shared learning and growth. The Horizon Europe project EPOC – Explaining and Predicting the Ocean Conveyor (2022-2027) will generate a new conceptual framework for the Atlantic meridional overturning circulation (AMOC), to understand how it functions in the Earth system and impacts weather and climate. The pilot for a mentoring program will closely follow the US Mentoring Physical Oceanography Women to Increase Retention MPOWIR-Program, which provides metoring to physical oceanographers from late gradute school through their early careers beyond their individual home institutions. The aim is to reduce the barriers to career development for all junior scientists in the field, with a particular focus on improving the retention of junior women.

Specific responsibilities and duties include:

For the EU project EPOC:

  • support the project management and coordination for the research project EPOC
  • monitor and document project progress and results for internal communication within the project, with stakeholders and with the funding agency, including preparing and supporting reporting
  • monitor budget allocations and expenditures, and coordinate and consolidate financial reports
  • setup and oversee quality assurance measures for deliverables
  • coordinate internal communication within the project and function as an interface between the project sponsor, coordinators and project partners
  • coordinate, organise and implement project meetings and workshops (virtual and in-person), including logistics, scheduling and participant communications

For establishing a pilot for a mentoring program:

  • development of a suitable mentoring program concept which transfers the key elements of the MPOWIR mentoring program to the European context – in particular, conduct research on the target group, scope and reach of the new program
  • research on the establishment of a steering group for the pilot mentoring program, reflecting the established scope and reach of the program
  • research on funding possibilities, preparation of applications for external funding for the pilot program
  • design, coordinate and supervise activities of the pilot mentoring program together with a steering group
  • setup, maintain and enhance the pilot mentoring program website and social media presence
  • research on funding possibilities and preparation of applications for external funding for the potential continuation of the mentoring program


  • university degree (master’s or equivalent), preferably in natural sciences or business administration

Required skills and personal qualities

  • experience in management of international collaborative projects (e.g., EU projects), or comparable experience in science or research management
  • ability and interest to work as part of an international team
  • ability to communicate effectively in both German and English is required (level C1 or higher)
    • both languages are in required on an everyday basis, both written and spoken
    • communication with project partners will be in English, communication with EU- and university management will either be in English or German
  • strong initiative and an ability to work independently
  • experience and interest in rapidly familiarising oneself with new, interdisciplinary projects
  • strong interest in STEM fields, in particular physical oceanography and climate science

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