Science Writer – NOAA

The individual selected for this position will:

  • Prepare written material that translates scientific, technical, and policy information into plain language for a variety of audiences, including non-technical lay audiences.
  • Apply a comprehensive, intensive knowledge of the English language, writing techniques, editing procedures, and style guides.
  • Edit material written by others to apply rules of grammar and style and ensure clarity for the intended audience.
  • Assist with educating content contributors on style guide elements.
  • Compile and edit time-sensitive weekly and other periodic reports that highlight activities and accomplishments of the National Ocean Service.
  • Assist with monitoring resources such as media calendars to identify possible items for submission.
  • Compile statistics on weekly reports.
  • Research and write original content for the NOS website appropriate for the audience and corporate communication objectives.
  • Research media to accompany website content.
  • Coordinate review with subject matter experts to ensure accuracy.
  • Use tact and diplomacy to coordinate editorial changes with program contacts and subject matter experts.
  • Work in a fast-paced setting that requires managing multiple projects and deadlines at the same time.

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