Science Assistant for the Physical Oceanography program – NSF

NSF is looking for a Science Assistant for the Physical Oceanography program. 

This is a good opportunity for a recent MS level graduate from program interested in gaining experience in federal government and science management, perhaps while deciding/planning further career development in either graduate training in a related field or science administration. 

The ideal candidate will have a Master’s degree in Marine Sciences with an emphasis in Physical Oceanography. Backgrounds in other fields of ocean or earth sciences may also be considered.  The start date will be in early 2021 and the position will be for the duration of two years and not renewable. 

Interested candidates should send a cover letter and CV to B. Mete Uz.

B. Mete Uz,

Program Director, Physical Oceanography

Division of Ocean Sciences

National Science Foundation

2415 Eisenhower Avenue, Alexandria, VA 22314

+1 (703) 292-8582 

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