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Program description

The Association for the Sciences of Limnology and Oceanography (ASLO) announces a call for applications for the Raelyn Cole Editorial Fellowship (RCEF). This fellowship provides a unique opportunity for early-career aquatic scientists to expand their experiences in scientific writing, editing, publishing and outreach, and to advance maturation of ASLO’s newest journal. Raelyn Cole was Managing Editor of ASLO’s Flagship journal, Limnology and Oceanography, from 1965 to 1996. Her distinguished career was recognized with the Tommy and Yvette Edmondson Distinguished Service Award. ASLO established the Raelyn Cole Editorial Fellowship Fund in 2015. Dale Cole and family made a generous gift as an initial contribution to establish this fund. ASLO provides a matching donation, and additional solicitation of contributions is ongoing.

Editorial Fellows will gain experience in most aspects and have exposure to all aspects of the editorial and publishing processes by working directly with the Editor-in-Chief (EIC) of Limnology & Oceanography Letters, Associate Editors, and the other Raelyn Cole Fellow. The program goals are to:

  • Provide professional development for early-career aquatic scientists in scientific publishing, open-access publishing, peer review, and scientific writing;
  • Give Fellows experience in publishing to prepare them for future contributions as an effective writer, reviewer, and editor; and
  • Provide Fellows opportunities to explore personal interest in some aspect of scientific writing, editing and publishing and to communicate their experiences with fellow early-career scientists.

You can learn more about the RCEF and how these goals have been met by current and past Fellows: https://www.aslo.org/opportunities-in-aslo/raelyn-cole-editorial-fellowship/

Fellows Stipend and Other Benefits
  • $1,500 per year stipend
  • Complimentary membership in ASLO during the Fellowship years
  • Travel support to the annual Editors Strategy Day at Wiley Publishers
  • Travel support to one ASLO-sponsored meeting annually
Expectations of Fellows
  • Attend monthly meetings with the EIC and the other Raelyn Cole Fellow
  • Interact with the EIC in reviewing and updating journal policies and directions, shadow Associate Editors to learn about the manuscript evaluation process
  • Attend the annual strategy meeting with the Wiley publishing staff, ASLO editors and the ASLO team
  • Take initiative to use the Fellowship opportunity to explore topics of special interest to the Fellow.
  • Communicate experiences via social media posts, blogs, articles in the ASLO Bulletin, workshops, or virtual events.

Applicants must have completed a PhD at least 1 yr prior and not more than 6 yrs prior to applying. Candidates with special circumstances can request a waiver of this requirement. Applicants must have published at least 5 articles, at least 3 as first author. Applicants must have served as a reviewer for at least 2 manuscripts submitted to peer-reviewed journals.

Applicants may be in any professional position related to limnology or oceanography at the time of application.


Please submit the following items by email (loletters-eic @ aslo.org) to Dr. James Cloern, Editor-in-Chief, Limnology & Oceanography Letters, by October 18, 2020.

  • Current CV
  • An example review you provided for a peer reviewed journal (please remove all identifiers of the journal – author names, affiliations, dates of the review, and any other information that might identify the article, journal, or author).
  • A brief description of your scientific area of expertise (250 words maximum)
  • Two written statements addressing the following topics:
  1. How the opportunity of a Raelyn Cole Editorial Fellowship would enhance your professional development and your contributions to the field (1,000 words maximum)
  2. Your views on the current state of science publishing (1,000 words maximum) – What is currently working well with current models of peer review? What could be improved? (we are looking for your opinion based on your experiences and any vision you may have).

Applications will be reviewed by a selection committee comprising members of the L&O Letters editorial board and current Raelyn Cole Fellows. A short-list of potential candidates will be interviewed by videoconference. Two fellows will be selected in early 2021, with the first Fellow to begin 1 April 2021 and the second to begin 1 April 2022.


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