Postdoctoral Scientist – NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies

NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS) in New York is seeking postdoctoral scientists in Oceanography to work on projects related to the oceans role in climate, ocean-climate interactions, heat and carbon uptake, and ocean biogeochemistry.
The fellowships are designed to help advance NASA’s climate modeling efforts by combining NASA observations with models and utilizing novel techniques in numerical analysis as well as data science.
Successful candidates will be expected to work with the NASA-GISS climate model, NASA observations and in collaboration with scientists at NASA-GISS.
Candidates’ background may be in Physical and/or Biogeochemical Oceanography, Earth Science, Physics, Mathematics or Computer Science.
NASA Postdoctoral Program application deadlines are March 1st, July 1st and November 1st each year. Eligible candidates within five years of receiving their PhD may apply as Postdoctoral Fellows and those with more than five years after their PhD may apply as a Senior Fellows.
Specifically, opportunities are offered in the following fields:
1) Ocean Modeling and Analysis
Advisors: Anastasia Romanou and Gavin A. Schmidt
2) Ocean Biogeochemical Modeling
Advisors: Anastasia Romanou, Gavin Schmidt and Tim Hall
For more information about the NASA Postdoctoral Program please refer to the website

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