Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Polar Oceanography and Climate – NORCE

About Climate and Environment department

The department has more than 200 researchers. Half of the department works on climate studies conducting both basic and applied research on the past, present and future climate system, on anthropogenic climate change and its impact on societies, and on the feasibility of climate change mitigation options. In particular, the department is a partner of the Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research (BCCR). BCCR has leading expertise within climate understanding, climate modelling, predictions and scenarios for climate changes and quantification of climate changes. BCCR is the largest climate research centre in the Nordic countries and among the leading centres in Europe. The working environment is highly international with around 200 scientists from around 40 countries.

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About the position

A 2.5-year postdoctoral fellowship is available at NORCE Climate and Environment, and the Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research in Bergen, Norway. It is strongly encouraged that the applicant will spend at least 6 months in total for research stays with project partners in China. In this case, additional funding will be applied for at Research Council of Norway, and the position can be extended to 3 years.

We offer an exciting job opportunity at the intersect of polar ocean and climate, high-resolution climate modelling, and advanced in-situ observations. The position will be part of the new Norway-China collaboration project KeyPOCP, jointly funded by the Research Council of Norway and Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology. KeyPOCP is led by NORCE, and collaborates with Geophysical Institute (University of Bergen), Ocean University of China (Qingdao, China), and Hohai University (Nanjing, China).

The position is scheduled to start on 1st of August 2022.

About the project

The primary objective of the project is to improve our understanding of key polar ocean and climate processes (e.g. circumpolar ocean circulation, shelf-basin exchange, air-sea interaction) with high-resolution coupled climate models, including two global (CESM and NorESM; 0.1-deg ocean) and one regional (WRF+CICE+ROMS) configurations. Existing and new observations in the Svalbard region and in the Weddell Sea will be used to benchmark the models. The project will focus on the Arctic, but will also draw parallels to Antarctica where relevant, due to the many strong similarities of processes and interactions.

The applicant will work closely with colleagues from University of Bergen, who will provide state-of-the-art polar in-situ observations and expertise/knowledge, as well as with colleagues from Ocean University of China and Hohai University, who will provide high resolution CESM and RCM output, respectively. Ocean University of China will provide a rich resource of existing and ongoing cutting-edge high-resolution CESM output with an ocean resolution of 0.1-deg (

Your work tasks

  • Collecting and handling high-resolution CESM/NorESM/RCM output and polar observational datasets
  • Analyze key polar ocean and climate processes and their future changes using the high-resolution model output as well as CMIP6 model results
  • Benchmarking model results with multi-platform polar ocean observations in close interaction with team members at University of Bergen
  • Close dialogue and collaboration with teams in China, who will focus more on polar atmospheric processes (e.g. atmospheric rivers and storms) and teleconnections.
  • Publish in high-level peer-reviewed journals.

Essential qualifications, skills and abilities

We seek a motivated individual with an interest in exploring the complexity of the polar ocean and climate as simulated by high resolution climate models.

The candidate should have a Ph.D. in physical oceanography, climate science, atmosphere science, or related field. The candidate must be able to undertake research both independently and in a team environment.

Desired Qualifications, Skills and Abilities

  • Experience in ocean and climate modeling (especially high resolution) and/or multi-model analysis is highly desirable
  • A strong background and knowledge in polar oceanography and climate is highly desirable
  • Skills in handling, analyzing, and visualizing large data sets
  • Ability to work across disciplines, e.g. bridging the modelling and observational fields
  • Experience in working with ocean observational data is an advantage
  • Good team working skills while being proactive
  • Proficiency in both written and oral English.

We can offer

  • A stimulating, international, and welcoming work environment at NORCE and BCCR
  • Opportunities to explore and utilize world cutting-edge high-resolution global and regional climate model output in the emerging field
  • Depending on the applicants’ interests/skills, a possibility to take part and influence state-of-the-art climate model, NorESM, development
  • A unique opportunity to strengthen your scientific network and experience by working across disciplines, institutes, and countries
  • A competitive salary and excellent welfare benefits in Norway.

How to apply

Your application must include:

  • CV including a list of scientific publications
  • A brief account of your research experience and interests, and motivation for applying for the position
  • A description of how and to what extent you have acquired the desired qualifications, skills, and abilities listed above. 
  • Names and contact information of two references
  • Transcripts, diplomas and relevant certificates
  • If a PhD has not yet been awarded: An official confirmation that the doctoral thesis has been submitted

The application and appendices with certified translations into English must be uploaded at our recruitment portal Jobbnorge.

You apply for the position by using the link on this webpage.

Application deadline: March 18th, 2022.

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