Postdoctoral Research Associate Position – University of Washington

The Joint Institute for the Study of the Atmosphere and Ocean (JISAO) at the University of Washington is seeking Post-doctoral Research Associates with research interests in atmospheric science, oceanography and climate. JISAO encompasses a diversity of scientific interests including large-scale atmospheric-ocean interaction, ocean and atmospheric dynamics, biogeochemical cycles, ocean acidification, climate impacts on ocean and land ecosystems, high-latitude climate, paleoclimate studies, ocean and atmospheric model development and evaluation, and climate forcing and feedbacks. JISAO operates jointly between the University of Washington and the NOAA research laboratories in Seattle, particularly the Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory (PMEL).

At least three positions will be filled. Terms of appointment are for one (1) year, renewable for a second year, subject to approval and availability of funding. Positions are not project specific; a successful applicant is expected to define his/her research goals within the broad program areas of JISAO and are strongly encouraged to collaborate with University of Washington and NOAA PMEL scientists. Applicants who can demonstrate research relevance to both JISAO and PMEL programs are preferred. Successful applicants must hold a recent Ph.D. in order to assume a post-doctoral position.

Applicants are asked to submit electronically: (1) a curriculum vitae, (2) a publication list, (3) a brief research proposal (no more than 5 pages, double-spaced, excluding bibliography and figures) describing research to be pursued during a two-year tenure at the University of Washington, and (4) the names of four individuals who can provide a letter of reference. In addition, a letter of support from a mentor at the UW or PMEL is strongly encouraged. Research mentors may be PMEL research scientists, JISAO research scientists, and/or UW faculty members in relevant departments. (A list of possible mentors and their research interests can be found on the JISAO web page This list is not inclusive; mentors at PMEL or the UW not on this list may also be considered.)

Applications should be received prior to November 15, 2012. Applications received after that date are not likely to be considered. Applications should be sent to: Collen Marquist, Administrative Specialist, at

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