Postdoctoral Fellow – University of Connecticut

The Department of Marine Sciences at UConn, Avery Point is seeking a postdoctoral scholar to study the impact of evaporation and precipitation on the salinity structure of the ocean.  The candidate will work with Dr. James Edson to further develop and deploy a direct covariance flux package from surface mooring and research vessel during the NASA SPURS-2 field program.  The flux package would directly measure momentum, heat and evaporative fluxes for use in process and modeling studies to investigate the sources and sinks of freshwater and its exchange between the ocean and atmosphere.  The candidate would participate in the field program in the eastern tropical pacific and assist in the analysis of the collected data.  The NASA SPURS project is designed to investigate how salt content fluctuates in the ocean’s upper layers and how these variations are related to shifts in rainfall patterns and evaporation around the planet.  It is a component of NASA’s Aquarium mission, which has placed a satellite in orbit to provide global maps of surface salinity.

The job announcement can be found on and the position is listed under the Staff Openings.  The search number (Job ID) is 2015122.

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