Postdoctoral Fellow in Machine Learning for Applications in Climate Science, Stockholm University

The Department of Meteorology (MISU) is offering a position for a Postdoctoral Fellow in Machine Learning for Applications in Climate Science. This is a full-time employment for a maximum of two years, with a possibility of extension. The successful candidate will be able to formulate his/her own research project using Machine Learning on applications relevant for climate studies, meteorology and oceanography. The project will be developed in collaboration with involved scientist/scientists at the Department of Meteorology: Gunilla Svensson,, Frida Bender,, Annica Ekman,, Inga Koszalka,
Prospective applicants are encouraged to contact the involved scientist/scientists prior to applying.

The project is funded by the Swedish e-science Research Centre (SeRC) and the successful candidate is expected to interact with other scientist in a multidisciplinary collaboration project called SeRC Data Science with members from the four collaborating universities: Stockholm University, the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Linköping University and Karolinska Institutet.

If you have an interest in ocean circulation and ocean observations, here is a possible research project idea involving oceanography involving analysis of data from drifting platforms. Machine learning methods could help to obtain a more complete picture and a deeper understanding of the multiscale ocean variability from Lagrangian observations, especially when combined with data from other instruments (moorings, CTD, ARGO) and/or ocean model output (CMEMS, ECCO). Uncertainty quantification in measurements from multiple instruments is another important aspect. One possible methodological approach could involve further development of clustering methods proposed by Koszalka et. al., (2011) in collaboration with Prof. Elias Jarlebring (KTH) from the SeRC MCP Data Science – NumericalAlgebra group ( but of course other individual applicant’s ideas and expertise are most welcome. The project would be pursued in collaboration with Shane Elipot (RSMAS, University of Miami) and other members of the oceanographic community.
For more details, see The closing date is August 15th, 2019.


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