Postdocs – Oregon State University

Two postdoc opportunities at Oregon State University. 
One postdoc will be co-advised by Melanie Fewings (OSU/CEOAS, Corvallis, OR) and Carlos Moffat (U. Delaware). The goal of the project is to determine the effects of regional wind patterns on marine heat waves along mid-latitude eastern ocean boundaries, focusing on the time period 2000–present, using satellite and other existing data to understand the dynamics of marine heat waves along the California Current and Chile-Peru upwelling systems. The full ad is available here:
Another postdoc will be advised by Melanie Fewings (CEOAS, Corvallis, OR) in collaboration with Jennifer Fisher (OSU/CIMRS, Newport, OR) and Kym Jacobson (NOAA Fisheries, Newport, OR). The goal of the project is to characterize the linkages between changes in basin scale ocean conditions, regional winds and local upwelling, and marine ecosystem productivity. A relatively high-frequency (biweekly to monthly) 20+ year time series including phytoplankton, copepods, and krill collected along the continental shelf and slope (2-46 km from shore) off Newport, OR, and other existing data sets including physical forcing and hydrography, will serve as the foundation for studying links between climate variability and ecosystem response. The full ad is available here:
For full consideration, apply by February 18, 2019. The positions will remain open until filled. Start date is negotiable, but both positions are available March 1.
Please forward to anyone who may be interested and distribute these postings widely.

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