Postdoc – Skidaway Institute of Oceanography of the University of Georgia

Applications are being accepted for a Postdoctoral Research Associate at Skidaway Institute of Oceanography of the University of Georgia (SkIO), a multidisciplinary research institution located on the Georgia coast near Savannah, GA ( The successful applicant will perform (NSF grant-funded) research on energy-containing turbulent eddy scales, utilizing three existing data sets (Five beam ADCP, hydrographic, meteorological) from a range of depths in the coastal ocean. Interpretation of such scales on the inner to outer continental shelf requires a firm grasp of the dominant tidal, weatherband, and seasonal dynamics that dominate such settings, as well as turbulent-specific dynamical analysis techniques. Work will be facilitated by use of extensive analysis tools already developed, with development of additional techniques as needed. Extensive interaction with project collaborator (the project PI) conducting LES modeling is expected. Together with the observational approaches, such collaboration will offer a valuable opportunity for the
Associate to develop a unique research capacity.

Perform data analysis as required for oceanographic research project. The postdoctoral associate will be primarily responsible for analysis of high resolution velocity and hydrographic oceanographic observations of processes in the overlapping regimes of turbulence and coastal shelf dynamics. Duties beyond research execution include timely dissemination of results in peer-reviewed publications and presentations, regular contributions to the functioning of
the lab group, and, as needed, assistance with graduate and undergraduate student mentoring.

The successful applicant will have opportunities for career development, including networking, outreach, and grant proposal development.

Education, Experience etc:
Ph.D. in Oceanography, Civil Engineering, or equivalent, with experience in analysis of physical oceanographic data.

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities etc:
Applicants are expected to be independently motivated and enthusiastic about research. Excellent command of the English language (written and verbal), experimental design, and quantitative analytical skills are essential. Interest in conducting related field research is encouraged, using extensive instrumentation available at Skidaway. The potential for independent proposal development also exists.

Preferred qualifications:
Extensive familiarity of typical physical oceanographic datasets and analysis techniques is required, with experience over a range of temporal and spatial shelf scales preferred.

Level of independent activity:
Activities and decisions will be varied in nature; applicants can expect to work independently, consulting with this position’s supervisor when necessary.

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