Postdoc positions – joint USM, U-M and JPL

As part of a joint effort, the University of Southern Mississippi (USM), the University of Michigan (U-M), and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) invite qualified applicants for three full-time post-doctoral positions in Physical Oceanography to begin as soon as possible, preferably in late Fall 2022. The successful candidates will work on a three-year National Oceanographic Partnership Program (NOPP) project comprising two collaborative proposals 1) “Diagnosis and Validation of the Time and Spatial Variability of Remotely Generated Internal Waves in Global Ocean Simulations”, and 2) “A Distributed Network of Internal Wave Resolving Moored Arrays for Assessing Tide-Resolving Model Fields and Improving Forecasts in the Coastal Ocean”. This project is a collaboration between USM, Naval Research Laboratory (NRL), U-M, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI), Scripps Oceanographic Institution (SIO), and JPL. While near-field internal waves are reasonably well measured and simulated, our knowledge of far-field internal waves is lacking. In this project, an Internal Wave Resolving (IWR) Array will be deployed off the US West Coast coinciding with the swaths of the fast sampling and science orbit phases of the Surface Water and Ocean Topography (SWOT) mission. The IWR and SWOT data will be used to validate global ocean simulations and improve our understanding of internal wave processes. The generation, propagation, and dissipation of remote internal waves is relevant for predicting coastal processes in regional simulations, the de-tiding of SWOT measurements, ocean acoustics, and water-mass mixing, which impacts ocean circulation and ultimately the Earth’s climate. The candidates will work within a dynamic team that has a full spectrum of expertise in high-resolution modelling and data assimilation, in-situ observations, satellite remote sensing (SWOT), and theory.

Applicants must have a Ph.D. in physical oceanography or a similar field. Applicants must also have a publication record that illustrates the ability to conduct and communicate independent research as well as experience and proficiency in diagnosing ocean model data, observational data, coding, time series analysis, and internal wave processes.

The focus of the USM postdoc is to help design the configuration of the IWR array and diagnose and validate the generation, propagation, and dissipation of remote internal waves in global operational HYbrid Coordinate Ocean Model (HYCOM) simulations against the IWR Array (proposal 1). For more information email Maarten Buijsman <> and apply here (reqID 2981). 

The focus of the U-M postdoc is to compare operational HYCOM to SWOT observations, work on the assimilation of SWOT data into operational HYCOM, and evaluate whether SWOT assimilation improves the comparison of operational HYCOM to the IWR array (proposal 1). For more information email Brian Arbic

The focus of the JPL postdoc is to study internal tide/wave and/or wave-eddy interaction through analyzing the in-situ observations collected by the IWR CPIES array and the SWOT postlaunch in-situ field campaign to be conducted during the spring of 2023, as well as future SWOT measurements. For more information email Jinbo Wang <> and apply here–Internal-Waves-from-in-situ-and-SWOT-measurements_R3030. Applicants are advised to apply via email or the provided link to the position(s) they are interested in.

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