Postdoc Position in the Ocean Transport and Eddy Energy Climate Process Team (CPT) – University of Colorado, Boulder

The Department of Applied Mathematics at the University of Colorado, Boulder is seekinga Postdoctoral Research Associate to work in the Climate Process Team (CPT) on Ocean Transport and Eddy Energy, which is a high profile collaboration involving multiple institutions including New York University, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution,Princeton, the University of Chicago, the National Center for Atmospheric Research,and NOAA’s Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Lab (GFDL) among others. The role of the CUteam is to assess the accuracy of  existing parameterizations of eddy energetics and todevelop improved parameterizations of eddy energy transport and of energy dissipation.The CU postdoc will work closely with members of NCAR’s Ocean Section and Malte Jansen at the University of Chicago. The research will include mathematicalmodeling, diagnostic analysis of simulation results, and simulations in idealizedand comprehensive global ocean models. The work will be very collaborative and involve some travel for project workshops, frequent virtual meetings, and regular travel between Colorado and NYU to coordinate with the lead PI, Laure Zanna, and the full Climate Process Team. Information about the broader project and related positions can be found at

For full consideration please apply by March 31, 2020. Applications must be submittedthrough

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