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The Earth Science Women's Network (ESWN) sent a link to a new publication of AAAS/Science.

Career Basics, the 2009 Edition is a collection of the best advice and resources from Science Careers.

You can get the whole publication or specific chapters as PDFs at

The Table of Contents
Introduction  by Dr. Alan Leshner, CEO, AAAS

Chapter One:  Finding Your Way Mastering Your Ph.D.
Mentors, Leadership, and Community
Mastering Your Ph.D.
Preparing for Your Post-Ph.D. Career
Grad-School Campus Visits

Chapter Two: Marketing Yourself
CVs, Resumes, and Networking
Résumé Rocket Science
Writing a Winning Cover Letter
E-Persona Non Grata
Strategizing Your Online Persona

Chapter Three: Skills for the Academic Scientist
Tips for Publishing in Scientific Journals
Faculty Positions
Seeking the Skills for a Successful Career in Academia

Chapter Four: Crafting a Industry Career
Three Categories of Rules
Transferable Skills And Portable Careers
More School?

Chapter Five: Non-Traditional Careers
A Matter of Policy
Working as a Medical Writer
A Career in Management Consulting

Chapter Six: Diversity Issues in Science
Family Trailblazers
Nurturing Women Scientists
Opening Doors for Scientists with Disabilities

Chapter Seven: Leadership and Lab Management
Making the Leap to Independence
Managing Scientists

More Resources: More Career-Related Resources
Career-related resources from Science /AAAS and other organizations.

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