Negotiating the Ideal Faculty Position Workshop

A workshop on Negotiating the Ideal Faculty Position will be held at Rice University in Houston, TX October 18-19.  The deadline for applications is August 13.  Please read the description below and visit the Rice Advance website for more information.  This is a fantastic workshop that shouldn’t be missed!

A recent study of diversity in engineering notes that “the most accurate predictor of subsequent success for female undergraduates is the percentage of women among faculty members at their college [1].” At Rice University we are strongly committed to increasing the diversity of science and engineering faculty and students. As part of this goal we are sponsoring an exciting workshop for senior women graduate students and post-docs who are interested in pursuing an academic career. The workshop, Negotiating the Ideal Faculty Position, (October 18-19, 2009), is designed to provide participants hands-on experience to enhance their knowledge of and ability to find the right faculty position. Through support from the National Science Foundation (NSF) ADVANCE Institutional Transformation Award, all travel, meals, and lodging costs will be provided for workshop participants.
Applications are due August 13.

The online application can be found at

Topics Covered in Negotiating the Ideal Faculty Position Workshop

1. Finding the right institutional fit

2. Understanding what a search committee looking for

3. Putting together a successful faculty application

4. Standing out in the interview

5. Maximizing the impact of your interview seminar

6. Negotiating a good start up package

7. Finding out about the culture of the department & college

8. Choosing good collaborators

9. Obtaining funding

10. Building your lab/research program

11. Understanding the tenure process

12. Balancing work and family

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