MPOWIR Co-chair Opportunity

MPOWIR is seeking a new co-chair to join Dr. Colleen Mouw in leading MPOWIR.  The ideal candidate is an individual who has been involved with MPOWIR activities in the past, has a passion for mentoring and inclusion, has sufficient time available, is in a permanent position, and is well integrated in the physical oceanography community, with a wide network of connections and collaborations, and regular participation in community meetings.  

The Co-chair will be involved in planning and executing all program elements, maintaining and developing relationships with community members that volunteer for MPOWIR activities, interfacing with the MPOWIR steering committee, and aiding in program evaluation, publications, and reporting.  The opportunity provides a month of salary support per year and requires participating in planning meetings held every other week and additional meetings at the onset of program elements.  The role is supported by Sarah Clem, the MPOWIR program coordinator.  The role will start at the beginning of the next anticipated funding cycle (April 2022), with a transition period of a few months prior to this time assisted by the outgoing co-chair, Sonya Legg.  

Please reach out to Colleen ( with any questions or for more information about the role.

Please nominate yourself or colleagues you believe would be excellent in this role.  Nominations can be submitted online and will be accepted through March 31, 2021.

Nomination Link:

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