MPOWIR Career Connections Initiative

MPOWIR is working to raise the visibility of careers for Physical Oceanographers outside research and academic paths. As a first step in this evolving initiative, we have made available a directory of individuals with a background in Physical Oceanography, who are now working outside of academic and research positions.

This Career Connections directory is now posted on the MPOWIR website These scientists hold positions in careers ranging  from software engineering and insurance to intergovernmental organizations and non-profits. All of them have volunteered to share their experience with members of the MPOWIR community, and several contributors have already shared a career profile:

As this initiative expands, you will also find more links to career profiles, blog posts, and webinars contributed by these individuals. We hope this will become a helpful resource as you navigate your own career path.

If you have suggestions for other individuals MPOWIR can reach out to, further ideas for this initiative, or are interested in being involved, please contact Sarah Clem (

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