Mentor Group Registration is Open

MPOWIR Mentor Group registration is now open! Mentor Groups consist of 6-7 graduate students or early career participants and 2 senior facilitators. Groups meet monthly via conference call and offer coaching, advice and strategies for professional success. Participation is open to:

  • Physical oceanographers currently located in the USA, 
  • Who identify as women or marginalized genders,  
  • Who are in the final years of a PhD program, in a postdoctoral position, or in a permanent position for no more than two years. Participation is open to pursuit of all career tracks, broadly defined as ‘utilizing skills gained in your PhD’, including commercial sector, policy and nonprofit, academia and research. 

MPOWIR is also now offering mentor groups with a particular focus.  At this point, there is expressed interest in a groups to facilitate discussion of LGBTQ+ issues, minoritized racial and ethnic groups, and groups that meet outside of business hours (i.e. meeting in the evenings or on weekends) to better facilitate varied work schedules. We are open to exploring other opportunities, and welcome suggestions. These options, and your suggestions, can be emailed to or entered when registering for a group.

Sign up will be open until October 28, 2022:

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