GRISO: Forming a community of scientists working at Greenland’s marine margins

Are you interested in the interaction of ice, ocean, atmosphere, marine ecosystems and communities at Greenland’s coastal margins? If so, please join us! 

GRISO (GReenland Ice Sheet Ocean network) is a funded, 5-year NSF AccelNet project that aims to advance research by facilitating interaction across disciplines, methodologies and existing networks. GRISO Network builds on a decade of community initiatives ( and will grow its efforts via summer schools, training in scientific collaboration, seminar series, hackathons, international exchanges, and focused workshops. Four working groups will tackle questions relevant to: 1) Ocean forcing Greenland, 2) Greenland forcing ocean, 3) Impacts of a changing coastal Greenland on ecosystems and communities, and 4) Progress on a Greenland Ice-Ocean Observing System (GrIOOS). 

GRISO is in the launch phase and we are soliciting ideas and expressions of interest from the community. 

Fill out this google form to share your interest level : 
Engagement from early career scientists (e.g., postdocs, graduate students), researchers based in Greenland, and researchers of diverse racial, ethnic, and gender backgrounds is highly encouraged. We anticipate forming initial groups by late February but we will renew this call periodically. 

Please share this email and the form with others you think maybe interested in GRISO Network. 

Regards on behalf of the GRISO Network organizing committee, 

Fiamma Straneo, Twila Moon, An T. Nguyen, Dave Sutherland, Jamie Holte, Donald Slater 

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