Getting the most out of a virtual conference

If you joined MPOWIR for our social last week you’ll recognize the suggestions and tips below. Sonya Legg compiled and shared advice on optimizing your experience at a virtual conference. With Ocean Sciences in full swing, take a few moments and see if there are strategies that can help you make the most of your virtual meeting experience!

by Sonya Legg


  • Block off your calendar
    • Cancel meetings, use out of office email, etc. You are at a conference! Don’t attempt to do double-duty.
  • Plan your conference schedule
    • Review the meeting schedule, mark the sessions you will attend.
    • Don’t forget townhalls, professional development, and JEDI sessions!
    • Include meal-times, breaks, exercise, and sleep in your schedule.
    • Make arrangements with your family if needed (e.g. evening sessions, difficult time-zones)
    • Practice using the online platform.


  • Take notes 
    • Think what works best as you view the conference through your computer screen: screenshots, pen & paper, on your phone.
  • Get away from your desk
    • Watch the conference in your local seminar room or on your TV or out in your backyard. Get fresh air and/or walk around while listening. 
  • Attend with others
    • Watch sessions of mutual interest together with your local colleagues, discuss what you’ve learned.
  • Network
    • Chat with speakers and poster presenters, attend gathertown coffee, go to the networking events. Make appointments to meet 1-on-1.


  • Follow-up
    • Review notes and recordings, send follow-up emails, arrange virtual meetings to continue conversations

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