Pattullo Conference

The Pattullo Conference, named for June Pattullo, the first woman to receive a Ph.D. in physical oceanography, will next be held September 24-27, 2023 at the Airlie Center in Warrenton, VA. 

The goals of the conference are:

* To bring early career participants and senior scientists together to share experiences, advice and concerns.
* To build community networks with peers and senior scientists.
* To get feedback on your current work and planned career path.
* To raise awareness of issues confronting early career participants among the senior scientist community.

Generous support from our agency sponsors includes funds for all participant travel, lodging and meals. Approximately 15 senior scientists (all genders) will be invited to attend the conference.

The conference will focus on the current and planned research programs and career paths of the early career scientists in attendance. Toward that end, each early scientist will present a pop-up introduction on the first day of the conference. Senior scientists will also be asked to explain their research, and after all research talks, participants will be divided into small groups consisting of 4-5 early career scientists and 2-3 senior scientists based on common scientific interests. In these small groups, participants receive personalized feedback from their peers and senior scientists. The aim of these sessions is to give ideas and advice to the early career researchers on how to take research projects and skills from a graduate school as they transition from Ph.D. students and postdocs into a career path.

In addition to research introductions, professional development sessions and round-table discussions will be scheduled. These sessions will take place in smaller groups and cover issues such as: strategies for funding, career paths, proposal writing, negotiations, and balancing work and family.

The agenda also includes time for one-on-one interaction between early career and senior scientists as well as unstructured time for informal networking.

Please click here for a sample agenda.

The conference is open early career scientists who identify as women or non-binary at U.S. establishments, including: universities, government labs, research institutions, industry and non-profits  who self-identify as physical oceanographers. Here, early career scientists are those in their final year of graduate school (within 1 year of completing the dissertation), in a postdoctoral position, or in a permanent position for no more than two years. Due to limited space, all previous participants who would also like to attend the 2021 conference will be placed on a wait list. If there is space for additional participants after our registration deadline, we will invite those on the wait list in order of registration.

Accessibility: Our plans include the following accommodations, largely following 500 Women Scientists guide for inclusive meeting. These plans are dynamic and we welcome suggestions and requests.

  • Meeting space is accessible to participants with mobility aids. 
  • Accessible guest rooms are available.
  • Microphones will be used for all large group presentations.
  • Gender inclusive bathrooms are near meeting space.
  • All food options are labeled for common allergens, gluten, and as vegetarian or vegan.
  • Childcare: If you would like to bring a child and care provider with you, they may stay in your room at no additional charge, however, you will be responsible for all other costs associated with their stay. Caregivers and children are able dine in the dining room, and use all the amenities of the conference center. Because of the relatively short time span for the Pattullo Conference, our program includes networking events scheduled at meal times. Our goal is to build networks and foster a collaborative atmosphere through an intensive retreat format. Therefore, we cannot accommodate guests at any conference event, which includes meals. 
  • Room accommodations: Participants typically share a room with another attendee, we are able to accommodate single rooms by request.
  • Travel is covered upfront for all participants, meaning attendees are not expected to front any costs or wait for reimbursement.
  • Advisor support: We are happy to work with participants confidentially to assist in communication and gaining support from advisors for attendance. 

Registration for the 2023 Pattullo Conference is now closed.  For any questions, email