NASA Speaker Series

The goal of the NASA MPOWIR Speaker Series is to familiarize early career women in the field of physical oceanography with the research conducted at the NASA labs and to inform NASA scientists of the research conducted by early career scientists in the community. Each year, two scientists are chosen to give a seminar at either JPL or Goddard.

To be considered for this opportunity, applicants must an early career scientist who identify as women or underrepresented genders and self-identify as physical oceanographers. Additionally, applicants must be in their final year of graduate school (within 1 year of completing the dissertation), or in a postdoctoral position, or in a permanent position for no more than two years. NASA funds can be used to support anyone at a US Institution (US or non-US citizen). This opportunity is not open to those at foreign institutions. Dates for participation are mutually decided upon by participants and hosts. Currently, both JPL and Goddard are open for visitors and visits will be in-person.

Applications for 2024 Speaker Series are open. Deadline for applications is March 22, 2024

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