Mentor Group Biographies

We collect, combine, and distribute a packet of bios for each participant and leader at the initiation of each group. These help groups get to know one another, and serve as a basis for topics discussed by the group.

Please complete the fields below by writing three goals that you want to commit to achieving this year. The intention is that each member will share their goals and these themes will form the basis of conversations during group meetings. The goal statement should read something like: “To improve my ability to present my science to senior people” or “To learn more about how funding works and submit a proposal”. A personal goal could be something like: “To spend a few minutes each day working on something I really enjoy” or “To get more exercise”.

After each goal statement, add specifics.

For example: To improve my ability to present my science to senior people, which means:

* To make succinct presentations of my work
* To gain confidence in what I know
* To find three opportunities to present my research

When you have completed this, your mentor group will work with you to clarify the goals and steps to achieving them. Over the course of the year you may want to add others, or modify the ones you have written.

A pdf of your goals and biographical information will be included in the mentoring notebook, which will be sent to each member of your group before the first group meeting.