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The Harvard University Center for the Environment is seeking six post-doctoral Environmental Fellows to begin Sept ’14.

The Environmental Fellows at Harvard work for two years, supervised by a faculty host in any part of the University. Fellows conduct research in various disciplines of environmental scholarship. They convene frequently in a series of dinners and meetings with faculty to foster intellectual and social connections across disciplines and departments.

The fellowships include a salary of $60,000 per year, health insurance and other benefits, and a $2,500 per year allowance for travel and other professional expenses. The Environmental Fellowship program is open to anyone with a doctorate or comparable terminal degree awarded between May 2010 and August 2014.

Six Exceptional Scholars
The Selection Committee will seek six men and women whose applications demonstrate:

  • the applicant’s prior academic and professional success and his or her potential contribution to scholarship or practice
  • the project’s significance: the potential impact of the research project on scholarship at Harvard and on environmental problems
  • the host’s commitment: the host faculty member’s enthusiasm for the proposed project and fellow, the host’s ability to mentor the fellow, and his or her ability to provide office space and a productive work environment
  • diversity: The selection committee will select a group of fellows in 2014 who will complement those selected last year, creating a group of approximately a dozen men and women with a diverse set of academic interests and skills and a range of ethnic and racial backgrounds. Recipients—and hosts—may include people with degrees in the sciences, economics, law, government, public policy, public health, medicine, design, and the full array of humanities. Their research topics will be equally varied.

The Environmental Fellows at Harvard will form a community of researchers with diverse backgrounds united by intellectual curiosity, top-quality scholarship, and a drive to understand the most important environmental challenges facing society.

Complete details on the application process, fellowship requirements, and the 2013 Fellows are available at the Center’s website: www.environment.harvard.edu

Applications for the Environmental Fellowships are due on January 15, 2014.

View PDF: HarvardEnvironmentalFellows14

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