Early-Career Scientist Development Workshop

Registration for the Early-Career Scientist Development Workshop held in association with the IUGG Assembly in Melbourne, Australia on
Monday, 27 June 2011 is now open at:


The application deadline is April 11th, 2011. Participation is free of charge and accepted participants will be informed before the 30th

The Career Development Workshop is organized by the Association of Polar Early Career Scientists (APECS) and is open to all early career
researchers. Participants will learn from experienced mentors, developing the transferable skills vital for a successful career in science that are not necessarily taught in all universities or research institutions. A schedule of plenary lectures, hands-on breakout sessions, and panel discussions will make this a highly informative and enjoyable day for all early career researchers.

Specific subjects to be addressed are:
– Science communication and working with the media;
– Managing research projects and international collaborations;
– Writing proposals and finding funding;
– Using video and animations to present research; and
– Non-academic careers in polar science.

This workshop will also provide an opportunity for international networking and a platform for potential future collaborations, both of which are fundamentally important for a successful scientific career.

For more information please visit:


or contact the workshop organizing committee directly at <apecs.iugg@gmail.com>

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