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Meeting Mentoring Needs in Physical Oceanography: An Evaluation of the Impact of MPOWIR, published in Oceanography

Over the past year, MPOWIR set out to assess the impact of its programs 10 years after their implementation.  To the extent possible, we looked for quantitative, statistically significant measures of MPOWIR’s effectiveness. In working with sociologist, Jean Stockard, our

Sexual Harassment: NASEM report and ADVANCEGeo online resource center launch

In June the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine released a report on Sexual Harassment of Women: Climate, Culture, and Consequences in Academic Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (linked below).  In parallel, the NSF-funded ADVANCEGeo project released a collection of online resources

Mentoring relationships – ‘Cheating on my mentor’

In the most recent edition of Science a graduate student shares their experience seeking mentorship aside from the relationship with their primary advisor. While MPOWIR exclusively offers mentoring opportunities outside the advisor-advisee role, this piece brings to light many of the potential

How can men help their female colleagues?

Contributed by Sonya Legg Most of our male colleagues genuinely want to eliminate gender bias in the workplace and allow everyone to succeed on a level playing field. This article, and presentation give concrete steps men can take to make

Articles and resouces about sexual harassment

Contributed by LuAnne Thompson In light of recent events in the news and policy statements disseminated by federal agencies,  I collected a number of articles and policies to share with Faculty, Staff and Students in the School of Oceanography at

Learning to Love Criticism – New York Times

A recent study by Kieran Snyder published in Fortune magazine took a look at performance reviews of males and females.  While double blind studies have long shown gender bias in hiring practices, this study looks at negative feedback, and also highlights the critical

How to Level the Playing Field for Women in Science

How to Level the Playing Field for Women in Science The ‘baby penalty’ in academe could be eased with four key reforms By Mary Ann Mason The good news: Many more women than ever before are completing Ph.D.’s in the

Science faculty’s subtle gender biases favor male students

Despite efforts to recruit and retain more women, a stark gender disparity persists within academic science. Abundant research has demonstrated gender bias in many demographic groups, but has yet to experimentally investigate whether science faculty exhibit a bias against female

Leaks in the pipeline: separating demographic inertia from ongoing gender differences in academia

Allison Shaw and Daniel Stanton took a look at the leaky pipeline through the lens of a mathematical model.  Their paper, recently published in Proceedings of the Royal Society: Biological Science,  explores how department should look free from discrimination and

Physics Today – The Problem with Problem Sets

Undergraduate physics problem sets and textbook examples often assume prior knowledge that is more common in men than in women. Could that difference be deterring women from pursuing careers in physics? For Full Article: