Biogeochemical Argo Researcher – NOAA AOML

AOML’s OCED is seeking to hire a term-limited Federal scientist to conduct ocean research focused in the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Ocean. AOML is deploying an array of Biogeochemical-Argo (BGC-Argo) ocean profiling floats in the chronically under-observed Gulf of Mexico. The researcher will use the new Gulf of Mexico BGC-Argo data streams as well as other data sources to conduct their research. Examples of research topics include but are not limited to, evaluation of air-sea carbon dioxide fluxes, biological pump strength, nitrogen cycling, oxygen minimum zone extent, phytoplankton community dynamics, and ocean acidification. A candidate will be appointed through the NOAA Schedule A(r) pathway and therefore must demonstrate a record of NOAA mentorship through the form of fellowships or similar programs. Applications will be accepted through May 30. Please distribute widely. “Biogeochemical Argo Researcher”:

Full job description:

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