Atmospheric Scientists/Physical Oceanographer – Johns Hopkins University APL

Job Summary: This position is for an Atmospheric Scientist or Physical Oceanographer with a background spanning mesoscale to small-scale processes in the coupled atmosphere/ocean system. Selected candidate will work in a team environment on multiple projects of national importance, providing the opportunity to work with a group of dedicated professionals from varied technical backgrounds. The group is involved in studies of atmospheric and ocean processes with an emphasis on remote sensing. Work typically involves analysis and interpretation of data from in situ sensors, oceanographic and atmospheric prediction models, and the use of end-to-end modeling tools used to characterize the atmosphere/ocean environment.


  1.  Develop and apply knowledge of atmospheric/ocean physics to problems concerning in situ and remote sensing systems. (30%)
  2. Collect and assess environmental data related to upcoming tests or for model assessments. New analysis techniques will be developed and new data sources will be obtained as needed to support the environmental assessment goals. (30%)
  3. Develop and maintain an expertise in numerical weather prediction and environmental ocean modeling including analysis of data products from operational and research models. (20%)
  4. Analyze data and compare results with analytical and numerical model predictions. (20%)

View full details and apply: [pdf]

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