Associate Research Scientist – Columbia University

The Center for Climate Systems Research (CCSR) in the Earth Institute, Columbia University in New York invites applicants for an Associate Research Scientist (ARS) appointment to conduct research into atmosphere, ocean and cryosphere interactions that will help improve the performance of global climate models, and constrain their predictions of sea level, oceans, and ice sheet loss.

The Associate Research Scientist will use GISS climate models and multiple sources of observed data to study the processes of interactive ice sheet dynamics, ice sheet/ice shelf interaction with the ocean, the impacts of freshwater on sea level, sea ice and circulation. The data identified by the Associate Research Scientist is used to improve the GISS global climate model and make the model response to cryospheric change more coherent and more skillful. The Associate Research Scientist will perform original research, present the results of the research at scientific meetings, and publish first-author papers in peer-reviewed journals as well as leading grant proposals.

Minimum Qualifications• PhD in ocean or cryospheric science or related field and at least two years post-PhD relevant experience is required. 
• Strong mathematics and programming skills.
• Expertise in running global climate simulations and uncertainty quantification are required.
Preferred Qualifications• Experience with polar ocean processes and datasets 
• Interest in bridging the gap between observations and modeling in meaningful ways.

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