Assistant Professor in Scientific computing with applications in Climate Sciences

Assistant Professor in Scientific computing with applications in Climate Sciences – Stockholm University

Ref. No. SU FV-0554-18

the Department of Mathematics. Closing date: 3 April 2018.

The last century of research has led the Department of Mathematics at Stockholm University to acquire a prominent place in Scandinavian mathematics. The department consists of two divisions: mathematics and mathematical statistics. The research thrusts in the division of mathematics include algebra, geometry and combinatorics, analysis and logic. During the last decade the division has almost doubled the number of students. The research thrusts in mathematical statistics include probability theory and statistical inference theory, with applications in biostatistics, climatology, econometrics, finance and insurance. A newly formed and growing direction of research and education at the department is Computer Science and Scientific Computing focuses on computational biology, bioinformatics, stochastic modelling and scientific computing for climatology, and logic of programs. As of 2018 the department is responsible for the BSc Programme i Computer Science.

We implement an active policy to develop and modernize the educational process. Both our Bachelors and Masters programs in mathematics received the highest ranking in the latest university evaluation.

Subject/subject description
The subject of the position includes the following methodologies: scientific computations, machine learning, stochastic perturbations, numerical methods and data assimilation, and their applications in climate sciences.

Main responsibilities
Research and in addition some teaching and supervision.

Qualification requirements
In order to qualify for the position, the applicant must have received a doctoral degree or equivalent qualifications in computer science, mathematics or related field. Preference should be given to those who were awarded a doctoral degree or attained equivalent qualifications no more than seven years prior to the expiry of the application period.

A general assessment criterion is the ability to work with other people, as well as other general abilities required to perform one’s duties.

Assessment criteria
In the appointment process, special attention will be given to research skills. Teaching skills will also be considered. The assessment of research skills will focus primarily on merits within the subject area of the position.

The employee is expected to be able to teach on bachelor level in scientific computing, computer science or mathematics.

Teaching and learning in higher education
Completed training in teaching and learning in higher education worth at least 7,5 credits, or equivalent knowledge, is an advantage.

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