Assistant Director – Ocean Leadership

Assistant Director for Science and Research, Center for Ocean Solutions

The Assistant Director for Science and Research (ADSR) will work with the Center’s leadership to strategically plan for the Center and help achieve the goals of the Center’s initiatives.

The ADSR will be responsible for developing and overseeing strategic programs and projects that are aligned with the Center’s strategic plan and reflect sustainable funding horizons with an emphasis on the integrated research, science and technology aspects of the Center’s work. We seek a creative individual with deep expertise and a PhD in a relevant marine-related natural or social science discipline (e.g., ecology, biology, oceanography, geography, economics). The successful candidate should demonstrate the ability to effectively organize and lead interdisciplinary teams on cross-cutting issues across our Ecosystem Health, Climate Change and Land-Sea focal areas, as well as integrate with our Leadership Development and Education work. The ADSR will collaborate with the Center’s Assistant Director of Law & Policy, Research Associates, project managers and project teams to brainstorm, strategically plan and implement the research, science and technology aspects of the Center’s work and align them with the law, policy and education aspects of our work to develop integrated solutions to ocean challenges. The ADSR will have expertise to address the science, research and technology dimensions of ocean environments and integrated ocean policy and management, focusing on a variety of issues including ecosystem services, social-ecological/coupled human-natural systems, sustainable fisheries, climate change impacts and adaptation, cumulative impacts, ocean observing, marine planning, and related areas. Consistent with the mission of the Center, we seek a person with experience and/or interest in both advancing scientific frontiers and addressing real-world challenges of sustainability in coastal and ocean environments.

Leadership and coordination of the Center’s teams working across disciplines and focal areas will be crucial to success in this position. The ADSR must be able to proficiently and effectively guide and manage interdisciplinary teams comprised of staff with diverse backgrounds and varied skill sets. The ADSR will co-lead the work of the Center’s current projects and the expertise of its partners as well as develop new projects with guidance from the Center’s Directors and Assistant Director for Law and Policy, and in collaboration with investigators from its collaborating institutions. The ADSR will also be a vital link between and among the Center’s researchers and collaborators and decisionmakers from the public, private and NGO sectors, with the express charge to ensure that research and project development are designed, carried out and communicated in ways that meet actual decisionmaker needs. The ADSR will be responsible for overseeing and shaping projects and related research agendas, and creating and implementing a funding strategy to support the work of the Center. The ADSR will work with the Center’s staff, project faculty, researchers and collaborators to compile competitive, interdisciplinary grant proposals as well as develop communications and education and training strategies to ensure effective implementation that results in tangible change to the coasts and oceans. The ADSR will also be responsible for supervising and mentoring the Center’s Research Associates, Early Career Fellows (recent PhD, MBA or JD recipients), research analysts, and interns working on the Center’s projects.

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