AGU fall meeting – Session Opportunities

We would like to bring to your attention two sessions of particular interest to the MPOWIR community.

AGU Fall Meeting
San Francisco, December 3-7, 2012:

OS015. Low-Frequency Variability of Atlantic Sea Surface Temperatures: The Roles of Atmospheric Forcing and Ocean Dynamics
Conveners: Martha Buckley, Susan Lozier, Yochanan Kushnir, and Patrick Heimbach.

SESSION ABSTRACT: Observations indicate that Atlantic sea surface temperatures (SSTs) exhibit significant low-frequency variability. Atlantic SST variability impacts the climate of adjacent landmasses, as well as the frequency and intensity of Atlantic hurricanes. Knowledge of low-frequency SST variability is essential for efforts aimed at decadal climate predictions. However, the underlying causes of low-frequency SST variability are poorly understood. We solicit studies that investigate the origin of low-frequency SST variability using observations, models and/or ocean state estimates, in particular those that quantify the relative roles of atmospheric forcing and ocean dynamics.

OS043: Turbulent Mixing and Convection in Climate Models: Atmosphere and Ocean
Conveners: Sonya Legg and Joao Teixeira

SESSION ABSTRACT: Important climatic processes (e.g. convection and mixing) occurring below the climate model grid-scale must be parameterized. Recently initiated climate process teams have intensified development of physical parameterizations in climate models. This session will provide a forum for progress in climate model physical parameterization to be shared with the larger atmospheric and oceanic communities, as well as for communication of results from new climate-relevant atmospheric and ocean process studies to climate modelers. We encourage contributions related to process studies, and development and evaluation of climate model representations of physical processes associated with convection, turbulent mixing and clouds.

Please note that the deadline to submit abstracts is Wednesday, August 8, 2012.

More information regarding the meeting and abstracts link to abstract submission can be found on the AGU website at:

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