2020 JISAO Postdoctoral Program

Postdoc Program

Initiated in 1977, JISAO’s founding director, John M. Wallace, committed a major share of JISAO’s program budget to support postdoctoral research fellows. The program has been highly successful because postdocs are given the opportunity to conduct their own research project, think broadly, and to work with the distinguished scientists at the UW and the NOAA laboratories. The list of former JISAO postdocs is impressive and their current positions indicate the quality of scientists attracted to the program.JISAO postdocs are appointed for one year with a second-year appointment assuming available funding and reasonable progress. The appointment supports salary, moving expenses, and provides a modest research/travel budget. The program wants to attract postdocs whose research interests align with at least one of the seven JISAO research themes. These research themes span atmospheric science, oceanography, climate, and fisheries science. Each postdoc works with a mentor located at the NOAA Alaska Fisheries Science Center, the Marine Mammal Laboratory, the NOAA Northwest Fisheries Science Center, the NOAA Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory, or on the UW campus.For more information on JISAO’s postdoc program, contact John Horne, Director, at jhorne@uw.edu.

2020 JISAO Postdoctoral Program

Now Accepting Applications

The Joint Institute for the Study of the Atmosphere and Ocean (JISAO) at the University of Washington (UW) seeks Postdoctoral Scholars with research interests in atmospheric science, climate science, fisheries science, and/or oceanography. As a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) sponsored Cooperative Institute, JISAO promotes and facilitates collaborative research between the University of Washington and the Alaska Fisheries Science Center (AFSC), the Northwest Fisheries Science Center (NWFSC), and the Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory (PMEL).

We anticipate three positions will be filled at 100% FTE. Positions are not tied to an existing project but based on the applicant’s research proposal. Applicants are expected to conduct research in at least one of JISAO’s research themes: climate research and impacts; environmental chemistry; marine ecosystems; ocean and coastal observations; protection and restoration of marine resources; seafloor processes; and tsunami observations and modeling.

Applicants are required to demonstrate research relevance to both JISAO and at least one of the NOAA programs at AFSC, NWFSC, or PMEL. The Research Associate will conduct research in association with at least one mentor from AFSC, NWFSC, PMEL, or UW. A list of potential PI mentors can be found here.

All applications will be electronically submitted through the UW’s Interfolio website.


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