MPOWIR is a community-based program that provides mentoring to physical oceanographers from late graduate school through their early careers.  The overall goal of MPOWIR is to make mentoring opportunities for junior physical oceanographers universally available and of higher quality by expanding the reach of mentoring opportunities beyond individual home institutions.  The aim is to reduce the barriers to career development for all junior scientists in the field, with a particular focus on improving the retention of junior women.

The MPOWIR effort includes this website, mentor groups, a blog, forums at major meetings, the Pattullo Conference and Virtual Conference for women+ early career scientists.  Additionally, MPOWIR is engaged in collecting statistics and interviews from past and present U.S. Ph.D. graduates to assess retention rates in the field, as well as to document the success of this effort.  To become involved in any aspect of MPOWIR, please contact us.

We gratefully acknowledge the financial and intellectual support of the physical oceanography programs at ONR, NSF, DOE, NOAA and NASA.

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