UNOLS Chief Scientist Training Cruise

New to planning oceanographic field work? Wondering how to request research vessel time? Or to use a submersible or ROV? Needing samples or wire-time to initiate a research project? If so, take part in a “UNOLS Chief Scientist Training Cruise.”  These cruises will instruct early career marine scientists, including PhD students, on how to effectively plan for, acquire, utilize and report on time at sea for multi-disciplinary research and education. A training cruise will take place from July 6-13, 2011 from Newport, OR and be repeated for a second science party September 16-25, 2011 on the R/V Wecoma. The area of operations will be from Grays Harbor WA to Florence OR out ~60 nm. This region encompasses a diverse expanse of continental shelf and slope environments including the Columbia River Plume, Heceta Bank and Hydrate Ridge. Each training cruise will include daily training sessions led by 4 experienced instructors, and time for cruise mobilization and demobilization. The at-sea cruise plan will be dictated by the science requirements of the participants. During the planning process for each cruise, two participants will be selected by the instructors as co-chief scientists. They will be required to lead predetermined cruise segments in order to gain first-hand leadership experience. Participant travel costs are provided along with small stipends for research supplies.

To apply, complete the following form by April 1, 2011. Science parties will be selected by April 15th, 2011. Pre-cruise planning will follow.

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