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Scientist Wanted

The team is seeking an expert in sea level rise or coastal flooding events to develop a citizen-focused data collection program. The program can involve historical data, local tide gauge data, and oral anecdotes. The inclusion of photography is preferred, given limited resources. Please see for an example. The details of the program should be developed by the end of May. The scientist will additionally help guide the interpretation and analysis of the data in conjunction with students from the local high school and other interested citizens.

The community is open to the scientific partner(s) bringing in students to support this work. A scientist from the tri-state area or surrounding region is preferred.

Thriving Earth Exchange asks all scientific partners to work with the community to help define a project with concrete local impact to which they can contribute as pro-bono volunteers and collaborators. This work can also position the scientists and communities to seek additional funding, together, for the next stage.

Desired skills and qualifications 

  • Advanced degree or expertise in physical oceanography or climate science
  • Solid scientific understanding of sea level rise dynamics and extreme flooding events
  • Experience with using photography to evaluate landscape changes, tidal gauge data, and or similar metrics to measure sea level change and flooding events
  • Prior experience in community education, outreach, and engagement preferred
  • Experience with developing or participating in a community-led science project
  • Experience in working with community volunteers and various stakeholders
  • Willingness to connect science to local concerns
  • Strong listening and collaboration skills
  • Advanced public speaking skills

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