Tenure-track professorship, Theoretical Oceanography – GEOMAR and Kiel University

We are seeking a candidate with an excellent and international research profile in physical oceanography and climate dynamics. Applicants shall be dynamic and team players, and bring future research concepts in one or more of the following or equivalent fields: Geophysical Fluid Dynamics (GFD); ocean-atmosphere exchange; process understanding of the oceanic turbulence and mixing, as well as their parameterizations; combining models and observations with assimilation; methods of data science or artificial intelligence in the physical marine sciences. The successful candidate can build on a well-established cooperation between modelling and observational ocean and climate research groups. We particularly expect interdisciplinary cooperation with other GEOMAR departments and within Kiel Marine Sciences and informatics.

Further details are in the advertisement here (german and english): https://www.berufungen.uni-kiel.de/de/dateien/oeffentl.-dateien/w2/theoretische-ozeanographie-mit-tenure-track-theoretical-oceanography-with-tenure-track, or contact me directly.

Prof. Dr. Arne Biastoch
FB1 Ozeanzirkulation und Klimadynamik
GEOMAR Helmholtz-Zentrum für Ozeanforschung Kiel
Düsternbrooker Weg 20
24105 Kiel, Germany

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