Senior Fellows – Drawdown Oceans Program

The Drawdown Oceans Program has just been launched. It aims to further global understanding of the potential for marine solutions and drive investment and implementation in this crucial area.

The primary goals of the Drawdown Oceans program are to:

  1. Create an Oceans data model that analyzes the potential for marine climate solutions to reduce emissions, sequester carbon, and improve economic and social outcomes; and, to integrate this model with existing sector models to expand the overall global systems analysis.
  2. Integrate the results from the oceans model into all drawdown communications, coalitions, and curriculum efforts.
  3. Regularly update the oceans model with the latest data and research to ensure its accuracy and usefulness to target audiences in perpetuity.

The result of this project will be that marine climate solutions will be known widely and publicly alongside already prominent sectors such as energy and transport, just as Project Drawdown has highlighted the impact of the agriculture and food sectors. Ultimately, this will further global understanding of the potential for marine solutions and drive investment and implementation in this crucial area.


  • Revise technical reports and models authored by Drawdown research fellows.
  • Lead data collection and methodology revision in specific subject areas.
  • Develop integration models for related solutions within sectors
  • Work with a team of researchers to integrate all models into a comprehensive, global solutions model.
  • Identify and scope new solutions and coming attractions for inclusion in future publications.
  • Manage/supervise the work of Drawdown research fellows, as needed.
  • Communicate with partners and advisors to assist research, as needed.
  • Represent Project Drawdown at events and make presentations on research and findings, as needed.


  • Ph.D., equivalent doctoral level degree, or equivalent work experience in a field relevant to the subject area applied for. ABD candidates will be considered.  If ABD, candidates will be required to complete the doctoral degree by the start date.
  • Demonstrated data modeling and model design expertise, and experience in environment, climate, finance, or interactions between human and natural systems using Excel or other modeling software.  Education or experience in data analytics is a plus.
  • Demonstrated ability and commitment to conduct research and produce scholarly work.
  • Ability to effectively and patiently supervise the work of other researchers.
  • Ability to work collaboratively with other researchers while working remotely. Comfort with teleconferencing technologies. Flexibility to work with team members in different time zones.
  • Ability to communicate effectively in both oral and written form.
  • Experience in public speaking and public engagement.
  • A strong network in candidate’s field of expertise.

The ideal candidate will have experience in interdisciplinary science and modeling and a desire to build on this as a researcher. The candidate will also be creative in linking scholarship with practice. Candidates should be vitally interested in climate solutions.

Start date: ongoing from 06/01/2018

Expected weekly hours: 30 – 40 hours

Length of contract:  12-24 months minimum

Location: Work may be conducted remotely worldwide or on-site at the Drawdown offices in Sausalito, CA USA.

How Do I Apply?

Please complete our online application form.

Application deadline:  Open until filled.

All candidates should be sure to upload their most recent resume or CV, two references, and two recent writing samples (see below for details). We will also consider letters of support from supervisors or institutions, if applicable.

Writing Samples

All applicants should submit two writing samples, including:

  1. A 500-1000 word an argumentative essay or op-ed on a subject of your choice that demonstrates an ability to make a focused argument in a clear, convincing, and accessible way. This writing sample is evaluated for evidence of critical thinking and general writing skills.
  2. A research paper of up to 10 pages. This does not need to have been published, but should demonstrate an ability to research and analyze a subject in more depth. It is recommended, but not required, that the topic of the research paper be relevant to the Project Drawdown’s mission. Papers utilizing quantitative and qualitative analysis of climate solutions are particularly encouraged.

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