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ClimateAi is on a mission to accelerate resilience in food, water, and energy. The company has launched the first of its kind Resilience-as-a-Service platform in agriculture and forestry to help farmers and agriculture supply chains adapt to climate change. 

ClimateAi was founded at Stanford University and one of the founders has worked with Vice President Al Gore. We are a fast-growing company looking for passionate engineers or scientists who can contribute to the solutions for the most important issue of our generation. We have an opening for a senior data scientist to work at the intersection of environmental modeling, climate change, and machine learning. 

About the Role

The candidate will work on running and developing systems for analyzing impacts of climate variability on farming and forestry supply chains. We process multiple data streams including: climate data, satellite imagery, soil data, hydrological and geographical information; familiarity with a wide range of pre-processing techniques is a plus. Your responsibilities will include maintaining and producing results from operational modeling frameworks as well as designing, testing, and deploying new data product prototypes with special emphasis on clear communication, crisp data visualization and rapid iteration.

The ideal candidate will be comfortable working on open-ended projects with a small team in a fast-paced environment. We hire people who are collaborative, adaptable, and communicate well. You will be working closely with other data scientists, software engineers, and product managers to improve and create superior products. Expect to give and receive constructive criticism as we foster a highly dynamic, fast-paced, collaborative work environment focused on rapid learning and adaptation. While we are interested in all qualified applicants, the position is well suited for someone with 3+ years of work experience post BS/MS or 1+ years of experience post Ph.D.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • BS/MS/Ph.D. in computer science, data science, statistics, applied math (strong CS experience)
  • Interest in atmospheric science, earth science, hydrology, oceanography, or similar
  • Strong proficiency in vectorization with NumPy, xarray, and pandas
  • Experience with deep learning architectures applied to geospatial data and/or time-series data.
  • Experience communicating science methods and results to a non-technical audience
  • Experience writing code for data management, analysis, and visualization, especially in Python.
  • Experience working on software projects with a team: communication, management, issue tracking, and version control

Most importantly, candidate must have a passion for working on tackling issues at the cutting edge of climate change adaptation and resilience.

Learn more and apply:

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