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A researcher position is available at the Section for Meteorology and Oceanography (“MetOs”) within the Department of Geosciences at the University of Oslo. The preferred starting date is 1st of February 2023. The appointment is a full-time position, for a period of two and a half years.

The successful applicant will work on two projects. The first is focused on understanding the effects of rough bathymetry on ocean flows, including the vertical structure and stability of time-varying currents and the dynamics of bottom-intensifed waves. The project is being conducted in collaboration with scientists at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography of the University of California San Diego, at Florida State University and at the Ecole Normale Superieur de Paris (ENS). During the second period, the project will be focused more specifically on the Arctic, with a similar emphasis on understanding the effect of bottom relief on flows.

The position will be based in Oslo. The applicant will in addition spend up to one month per year at Florida State, analyzing output from a state-of-the-art numerical simulation of the North Atlantic. The applicant will also work with a marine geologist based in Paris and with oceanographers at Stockholm University. Thus the position offers unique networking opportunities, requiring close collaboration with groups in the US, Norway, and  France and Sweden. In addition to the extended visits to the partner institutions, there will also be ample opportunities to attend international conferences.

Beyond the specifics above, the successful applicant is expected to become an active member in the Geosciences department and in the MetOs section. MetOs has a dynamic and growing group of PhD students and post-docs who are keen to interact. A central focus with the position is to provide the candidate with enhanced skills to pursue a scientific position within or outside academia.The application deadline is 1 January, and the starting date is negotiable.

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