Researcher in data management, UNIS, Svalbard

UNIS is seeking candidates for a full-time position as researcher in data management for the duration of four years and nine months. The successful candidate will work closely with scientists at UNIS to develop data management solutions tailored to their needs as well as the needs of the research project The Nansen Legacy. This involves data structuring, documentation and standardization, database development, and metadata management. Facilitation of data exchange and data access through external systems will be an important task.

The candidate will be working closely with SIOS (Svalbard Integrated Arctic Earth Observing System), which is a regional and multinational observing system for long-term measurements in and around Svalbard addressing Earth System Science questions. SIOS integrates the existing distributed observational infrastructure and generates added value for all partners beyond what their individual capacities can provide. SIOS brings observations together into a coherent and integrated observational programme that will be sustained over a long period. Within SIOS, researchers can cooperate to access instruments, acquire data and address questions that would not be practical or cost effective for a single institution or nation alone. The candidate will also collaborate with the UNIS IT staff.


  • Experience in documentation, publication and management of scientific data
  • Experience in scientific programming
  • Higher education or equivalent in the technical or natural sciences
  • Excellent skills in oral and written English

The following experiences/knowledge will be considered an advantage:

  • holding a PhD degree in a relevant field
  • working with scientific file formats
  • handling of large biological dataset

The appointed person must have the ability to work independently, have a positive attitude and be flexible. Collaborative skills and personal attributes of the successful candidate are essential.

Deadline for application is June 28th 2019

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