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Job Opening cod. 12425

CMCC Position

Research position on ocean modeler

(Deadline: March 31, 2023)

The CMCC Foundation is a scientific research center on climate change and its interactions with the environment, the society, the world of business and policy makers.

Our work aims to stimulate sustainable growth, protect the environment and develop strategies for the adaptation and mitigation of climate change.

Our Division of Ocean Modelling and Data Assimilation (ODA) is looking for a new position of “ocean modeler”, responsible to perform research, development and assessment of the ocean modelling system based on NEMO used to deliver operational analysis and forecast numerical data for the Mediterranean Sea.

The job location is CMCC office in Bologna, Italy.

The candidate will work in a dynamical research environment where proactive approaches are fostered and will be part of the regional ocean modelling team at CMCC that develops and maintains the Copernicus Marine Mediterranean Forecasting System.

The candidate should have a background in marine ocean modelling and a solid knowledge of at least one compiled programming language.

The main aim of this position is to perform model developments particularly focusing on the implementation of upgraded surface and lateral boundary conditions including interface with: high resolution and high frequency freshwater river inputs from EFAS Copernicus Climate Change Service; lateral open boundaries from Copernicus Marine Service and local high resolution operational systems; high resolution atmospheric forcing fields.

The candidate is expected to communicate the developments and results through scientific papers, reports as well as oral presentations at internal and external meetings.

We are looking for a motivated person with the following requirements:

  • PhD in Physics, Geophysics, Applied Mathematics, or related scientific disciplines with a research background in ocean modeling;
  • Good knowledge of programming languages (e.g., Fortran preferably, C, C++);
  • Good knowledge of geophysical data processing and manipulation tools (such as Python, NCO, CDO, MatLab, R, etc.);
  • Knowledge of UNIX/Linux operating systems and script languages;
  • a very good knowledge of the English language;
  • good communication skills and ability to work in an interdisciplinary team;
  • teamworking attitude.

The following experiences are highly desirable:      

  • Hands-on experience with ocean numerical models, NEMO modeling platform being an advantage;
  • Experience with operational forecasting systems, from input data quality control to assessment and evaluation of analyses and forecast quality;
  • Experience of parallel programming on supercomputers and job schedulers;
  • Experience in version controlling software (e.g. git);

Belonging to legally protected categories (ex L. 68/99) will constitute a preferential condition.

Some fiscal benefit could be applied for repatriated workers or foreign researches/professors, having the requirements defined by Dlgs 147/2015 (for repatriates) or Dl 78/2010 (for foreigners).

We offer the opportunity to join our team through a temporary contract of 18 monthsstarting from March/April 2023, with the possibility of contract extension based on performance, results achieved and new project opportunities.

Annual salary range is from 30to 42K€/year, comprehensive of benefits, depending on qualification and experience.

This job announcement is a public invitation to express interest for the above mentioned CMCC Position.

(Deadline: March 31, 2023)

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