Postdoctoral researcher in physical oceanography : heterogeneity of the ocean mixed layer (M/F) – Institute for Environmental Geosciences

The Institute for Environmental Geosciences (IGE) is looking for a post-doctoral researcher to study the dynamics of the upper ocean surface boundary layer. He/she will particularly focus on understanding how the spatial heterogeneity of physical properties at scales < 100km affects the dynamics of the surface mixed layer in the North Atlantic, using high resolution numerical simulations. The ambition of this study is to improve the representation of upper ocean surface boundary layer processes in climate models.

Activities: The postdoctoral researcher will use high resolution numerical simulations and study how the spatial heterogeneity of physical properties in the ocean surface mixed layer affects the dynamics of upper ocean properties. The work will involve analysing several existing ocean model simulations with grid resolution ranging from 1° to 1/60°. The analysis will use the conceptual framework on 1D mixed layer models as a guide for investigating how spatial resolution and coarse-graining affects mixed layer dynamics. The work will focus in particular on situations of open ocean convection in the North Atlantic subpolar gyre. The ambition of this work is to guide the development of improved physical parameterization of fine scale physics in ocean climate models. The research will be conducted as part of an international project which will offer opportunities for collaborations beyond the group at IGE.

Skills: The expected candidates should hold a PhD in physical oceanography or atmospheric sciences. They should have a very good knowledge of air-sea fluxes and ocean boundary layer physics. They should demonstrate a good experience with analyzing large datasets from observations and/or numerical models. Their programming skills should include strong experience with python and the pangeo software ecosystem ( The international collaboration context requires excellent written and spoken English, and the ability to work both independently and as part of a team.

Work Context: The recruited researcher will work at the Institute of Environmental Geosciences (IGE) within the MEOM group in the framework of the MEDLEY project. The IGE ( is a joint research unit bringing together staff from the UGA, CNRS, Grenoble INP and IRD who are interested in the study of the climate and the anthropisation of our planet. The MEOM group ( brings together 25 researchers, engineers, students and postdocs in the field of computational oceanography. The MEDLEY (MixED LayEr heterogeneitY) project ( is a research project funded by the European Joint Programming Initiatives Ocean and Climate, which aims at better understanding how fine scale ocean and sea ice variability affect upper ocean dynamics.

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