Postdoctoral research positions – Climate Process Team

Multiple postdoctoral research positions are available as part of a multi-institution Climate Process Team (CPT) on Ocean Transport and Eddy Energy. The CPT aims to survey, improve, and unify new advances in energy-, flow-, and scale-aware parameterizations of mesoscale eddies, in process studies and global ocean models; constrain parameters and parameterized fluxes through a synthesis of up-to-date observations of ocean energetics and transport; and implement and assess schemes within IPCC-class climate models at NCAR, NOAA-GFDL, and DOE-LANL. The expectation is that modernized, energetically-consistent mesoscale eddy parameterizations will significantly reduce climate model biases in ocean currents, stratification, and transport.

  • New York University (Supervised by Laure Zanna): Diagnose energy budgets from high-resolution simulations; unify buoyancy and tracer closures; assessment and parameterization of vertical energy structure; parameterization of the grey zone. More information and application at
  • University of Colorado, Boulder (Supervised by Ian Grooms): Assessment of 2D eddy energy equation; parameterization of eddy energy transport; parameterizing dissipation in the eddy energy equation. More information is available at
  • Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (Supervised by Sylvia Cole): Characterizing scale-dependent EKE from observations; quasi-3D eddy buoyancy and momentum statistics from observations; analysis of vertical eddy structure in observations; synthesis of observations. More information and application at (position 19-08-09).
  • Princeton University (Supervised by Alistair Adcroft): Implementation and assessment of extant parameterizations of mesoscale eddies in process, idealized and global ocean models; consistent and optimized formulation of closures; development and assessment of improved and unified closures; evaluation of new closures in climate models. More information and application at

Applications must include a cover letter, a CV with a list of publications, a statement of research interests, and contact information of 3 references. Applicants wishing to be considered for positions in multiple institutions should indicate this in their cover letter, and submit a separate application to each position of interest. For more information email Laure Zanna (, or any of the collaborating PIs listed above.

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