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Professor Christopher Edwards in the Department of Ocean Sciences at the University of California, Santa Cruz invites applications for two postdoctoral scholar positions to investigate coupled physical and biogeochemical processes in the ocean using numerical models. One project focuses on ocean/estuarine exchange at the mouth of San Francisco Bay and the degree to which anthropogenic nutrient sources influence the coastal ecosystem (e.g., through changes to productivity, hypoxia, or the phytoplankton community). A second project investigates plankton biodiversity in the California Current System and possibly other regions through both forward and data assimilative models that are constrained by observed and statistically derived biological data. Both projects use the Regional Ocean Modeling System as the primary numerical model, and both are collaborative, with project partners at UCLA, MIT, and other institutions.

The postdoctoral scholar will work within the Ocean Modeling Group at UCSC and will be expected to lead their aspect of a project while simultaneously working as part of a team. Strong quantitative skills and experience with numerical models and scientific programming are advantageous, particularly with Fortran and either Matlab, Python, or Julia. Strong communication and interpersonal skills are helpful.

The Department of Ocean Sciences

The Ocean Modeling Group

Complete information, including how to apply, can be found at

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