Postdoctoral Position – University of Miami CIMAS

University of Miami Cooperative Institute for Marine & Atmospheric Studies (CIMAS) just opened up an exciting opportunity for a Postdoctoral Associate focused on investigating sea level changes along the U.S. east coast. The successful candidate will lead analysis of satellite altimetry measurements, tide and pressure gauge data, in situ hydrography (CTD, XBT, Argo), ocean and atmosphere reanalyses, and the use of ocean and/or climate models. Specific tasks include (i) the assessment of the relative contributions of thermosteric, halosteric, and mass effects to the sea-level changes, (ii) the accurate attribution of coastal sea level changes to dynamic processes in the coupled ocean-atmosphere system, and (iii) understanding the present and characterizing potential future sea level changes in response to the different states of the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation. He or she will also be responsible for presenting findings at scientific meetings and publishing results in peer-reviewed scientific journals.

Additional details and a list of responsibilities are included in the position description:—Postdoctoral-Associate—CIMAS_R100062124?q=R100062124

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