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WHOI is inviting applications for two Postdoctoral Investigator positions. For both positions, prior experience with ROMS, WRF, WW3, or other regional modeling systems is preferred, but not required. Qualified applicants must submit the application forms online. The documents should include a cover letter, CV, and contact information (only) of 3 references. Interested applicants should contact Dr. Hyodae Seo (

1. Wave-ocean-atmosphere parameterizations and modeling: The successful candidate will work with a group of scientists at WHOI (Hyodae Seo, Jim Edson, Carol Anne Clayson, Cesar Sauvage) on two projects aimed at improving the representation of the impacts of ocean and surface waves in the ocean mixed layer, atmospheric boundary layer, and air-sea fluxes for the North Atlantic Ocean. The projects will be using the SCOAR regional coupled modeling system (WRF-ROMS-WW3, and will also test a hierarchical representation of the ocean and wave-mediated processes in NASA’s Unified WRF ( at:—physical-oceanography/job

2. Regional coupled climate modeling for the U.S. West Coast: The successful candidate will work on an NSF project to quantify the role of large-scale and fine-scale coupled ocean-atmosphere processes in shaping persistent anomalous ocean states ranging from meso-to-frontal scales of cool coastal upwelling to the regional-to-basin scales of the marine heatwaves of the “Blobs.” The project will probe into how anomalous ocean states influence synoptic weather events (e.g., extratropical cyclones, atmospheric rivers, and atmospheric blocking) and examine how far inland, and by what mechanisms, the effects of anomalous ocean-atmosphere coupling penetrate. The research will use the SCOAR regional coupled model, dynamically downscaling the outputs from the CESM Large Ensemble simulations.Details/Apply at:

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